Untold Days

The loneliness of her soul she thought no one would ever want to seek after, until she met him. He loved her, she loved him. He promised all that was good, softly saying she would be his queen. The nagging feeling in her heart said that all good things never last, but she couldn't leave him. So she loved him. Until she had to dream of the days when he loved her to keep on going.

I looked, I watched, I waited. 

For you my dear.

Scared for a time. 

The thought loneliness would forever chase after me.

Haunted my dreams. 

Then you came.

You came to me, like a mist. 

Suddenly and softly. 

Slowly overtaking me. 

Enveloping me. 

Your arms engulfing me.

You eyes.....safety.

Whispering in my ear you would never leave me alone.

The darkness would never find me.

I could hide away with you, away from the world.

You took my hand and led me away. 

Away from my dreary world, inviting me to your colorful life.

We laughed, we cried, we clung to each other. 

A sparkling gem on my finger.

Twinkling in the darkness.

The hole in my heart filled.

You smiled at me, I smiled back.

Wholeheartedly wanting this to continue forever.

The sink in the bathroom.

The other side of the bed, now occupied by you.

We hold hands in the middle

Deep sleep, dreaming of our happiness.

Our dreams became our reality.

We joined together.

Then that I feared would come did.

The mist of our joy slowly drifted away. 

The rains came.

Try as we might the wind drove us apart.

Yearning for your touch yet again. 

That warm love I had once known, knowing I shall never see it again.

The passion, the yearning, the love, died altogether.

No embers to be found. 

We remained together, yet separated. 

Sleeping against the edge of the bed, faces to the wall.

Closed hearts, shut minds.

Smiling, laughing, together for the world to see. 

But it was farce.

Then the day came you had a secret to hide.

I uncovered it.

You hurt me.

Something you had whispered in my ear long ago you would never do.

Never think about doing. 

Holding my head up high, because its the thing to do.

But where is the breaking point? 

You lied, you hurt, you broke my heart in two. 

Like you said you would never do.

Now I am alone. 

Though I am not alone.

My heart is broken in two.

The icing of my soul will never thaw.

My bathroom has two sinks, but I cover the second.

Trying to hide the memories of you smiling in the mirror, looking at me.

I sleep on half of my bed, face to the wall. 

Sometimes I dream your holding my hand once again.

Whispering in my ear you will never leave me alone.

But then I awake with a start.

Desperate for your soothing touch.

Only to see you have broken your promise once again. 

I sit, I listen, I dream.

Dream of the happier days. 

Days without the storms, the mists, the unwanted hurt.

I dream of the days when you smiled at me. 

The End

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