Untitled (yet)Mature

I hope that you could breathe behind your mask of lies and betrayal.

You wore it so much, I forget what your real face looks like.

My words are as sharp as the knife between my shoulder blades.

I'll rip it out and put it in a box, I'll save it for another day.

Go and get your umbrella, I'm about to rain on your parade

with every little shitty thing you said along the way.

Yeah, my attitude has changed

'cause I'm so fucking enraged

at every time I thought you could have maybe been okay.

Bitch, I bet you don't even get it.

But you will after I said it.

How many people do you think will let you in after they read this?

Sweetheart, they know your secrets.

I think that this is my cue to stop writing about you

so get the fuck out of my life before I exploit and explode you.


The End

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