Untitled [Interstate Love Song]

A love poem about my now boyfriend.

My mind numbs, to scared to think

Sitting here with you on this bench

Your comforting words

Yor arm around me

Afraid of spewing stupidity your way

Laughing when you do

And loving your laugh

A contagious song that makes my very heart smile

Becoming more comfortable

Around you

Waiting for a yellow devil with a thirthy-four burnt in its side

To take me away from your warmth

Moments of silence between our words

Not able to look you in the eyes

You see into my soul

With delayed reaction, I turn away

Our talk is postponed, the devil comes

But not before your final request

A kiss, my heart races faster

It skips, one, two, and three

And all I can say is yes

Your hand on my chin as you pull me close

My body goes numb

The world is silent

The parting of our lips is heard

As I slowly return to this world

[I cannot speak; I've lost my voice]

We walk towards the school

Parting ways

Good Bye

I'll long for you until tomorrow

The End

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