You're Strong

You start to spill out your guts,

To tell me your secrets.

You're vulnerable. 

I put bandages on the cuts,

Wrap your wounds with warm shared tears,

So salty and still so sweet. 

You cry out for blood and I cower in response,

Your howl is haunting, wrath is daunting. 

You're vulnerable. 

I try hold you back, but you're poised to attack.

I wipe your hands clean with my own,

Turn them red with guilt. 

Your eyes smile at the sight of them,

Like they once did for me. 

You're vulnerable. 

Bitter chocolate  eyes melt while I standby,

Unable and wanting to feel that candied admiration. 

Infatuation tears at my stability. 

I'm still falling. 

I crash and implode once the ground is found.

You aren't there for me, I can't ask for help. 

I'm vulnerable.

Rage and confusion wells up,

Spills over and creates a crimson and violet hysteria;

But still I fight for you. 

I let you in to be pushed out, I help you out to be locked in. 

A universe where "I love you" means "We're best friends." and where

We're vulnerable. 

And that's that. 

The End

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