Untitled (at least until my bestfriend titles this for me hehe)Mature


i know it hurts,

i know you're not gonna like any of these words much,

and mommy i know you've shed so many tears for me already,

so many silver pieces of your being on the ground for both you and me,

and i hate that im the only one who makes you cry,

but mommy,

the truth is i wanna die.

ive forgotten what it means to be alive,

and mommy,

im already dead on the inside.

you see,

i don't quite remember what it feels like to have a heart,

and i lost my soul a long time agoplaying with the older kids in the park,

mommy im sorry,

i want to take it all the pain away,

i don't wanna be the straw that broke the camel's back,

but mommy can you hear me? 

mommy you dont listen to me anymore,

have you gone deaf?

do you not hear my cries at night?

i swear that they're loud enough to break down the walls of our world,

and mommy,

ive seen things,

things little girls shouldnt have seen,

and mommy i've done things,

things girls like me should never have had to do,

and mommy im sorry, 

to be the bearer of bad news,

but mommy im leaving,


like the sun in the late afternoon.


i wish i was still your little girl,

safe and innocent from the big bad world,

but they huffed and they puffed and they blew my innocence down.

now mommy they've got me tied to bloody spikes in the ground,

im scared mommy,

cant you hear my screams?

i swear they're loud enough to make nightmares out of dreams.

i know mommy,

you just think im lying,

but mommy,

the truth of the matter is,

i really think that im dying.

The End

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