I'm going through a rough time right now. I apologize for the work; I'm just jumping around til I can settle my emotions down.

I'm running toward the river

And I'm trying to jump in

Because I've hit rock bottom, love

And I forgot how to swim

I just want it all to be over

Someone wake me up from this

But I guess it doesn't matter

I can't sleep anyway

I just want to make it better

I want to take away your pain

But every time I look at you I know

That I'm the reason you're in this game

The lies, the deceit, I wish I hadn't lived

If I'd done it right the first time...

Only memories, go to sleep love

Let me rub your back
Let me kiss your head and your cheeks

And your hands and your feet

Let me erase the last few months

Let's go back to being us

Just our mother/daughter team

I didn't need anyone else

But now you're gone, and I might lose you

And it terrifies me, please distract me

Vodka, where are you?

I need your kiss tonight

I need to be held

Just tell me it's alright

I need to feel beautiful again

Like I'm worth something again

Like my life means something again

Because without her, I mean less

Than her father, my rapist, he said it best

'You need to let her go

You don't deserve her, love'

But a part of me, deep down

Knows I went through hell and back

And I deserve my baby

But my body walks away

Right toward the bottle, the sex, the blade

Right toward everything the Devil ever made

My head tells me to go down the street, not across

My heart tells me I need to fight for her

My body just wants to be numb

I want to be numb

Love hurts, every time.

The End

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