In Memory of Hurricane katrina 2005


Bursting levees shatter the hopes and wash

Away fears. Endless space expanding

Without relief. No one lending a hug

To the frightened body in the corner.

Death hangs in the fragmented air,

Swallowing the broken lives,

Dripping in despair shedding ruins and waste

A mother picks up a torn teddy bear from the wreckage,

Her children cling to the pieces of their home.

As tears fall from her tired eyes swollen with worry

Next door a girl lifts her head to the sky and screams,

Releasing pent up agony.

She was homeless, but now her story is shared by many

She doesn’t have to hide in the shadows.

The sun shines shedding new light on old truths,

But who is there to see it.

The rain washes churning emotions

Into flooded avenues.

The destitute souls lined up

Each searching for something that isn’t there,     

Or can’t be found.

Who can take their prayers?

The church is empty full of rot.

Timbers split like the spirits of the forgotten.

The wounded holding on to the lies, greed, hate

Jealous of the future, and resentful of the past.

A business man steps around the bedraggled landscape,

Careful not to disturb the crumbled scene.

He is here to comfort and to pay for the lost,

But he doesn’t understand.

Nor do his associates.

They assess the damage,

Leave and move on to the next emergency.

He never talks to the survivors or examines

The hurt. Those left to speak aren’t heard

Their voices echo in the hollow wind

Blowing through the naked streets.

The End

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