archived work: June 10th, 2012

and i stood and watched the city burn
my face void from any emotion that i had once felt
because as the buildings crumbled to rubble
i knew i was free

freer than i was or ever could be
but not free enough 

because as the city was consumed by flames
my soul was doused in the memory of you
the way your voice danced on the wind
how you were just carrying this destruction

it was then, then i realized 
that i would never be free of you
how destroying old memories 
only brought on the resent of new obsessions

i once remember hearing
"the human mind never truly forgets,
it merely puts the unimportant 
into the archives of our minds"

i wonder if one day
i will be able to archive my memories
of you
and of this town

as i stand here
and watch the city burn to the ground

The End

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