untitled 6

for someone


Tentatively walking downhill, slipping and sliding

Wearing shoes manufactured with fashion in mind

The sun shining one side of the street,

The side we walked along

You took my arm for the first time on that hill,

Innocently like a child holding onto her father

We walked into the winter sun

Blissfully unaware our lives would change forever


After a whirlwind review of our splendid location

We listened to our stomachs

Out of luck for lunch we settled in a roadside café

Endearing ourselves to the locals

With the honesty of children so began a reflection of 2 lives,

Lives so very different but full of memories to share

Relaxed in good company we bore our souls to each other

Just enough as one day would allow

Leaving such impression that it would begin

A lasting desire to find out more


As the wine flowed, more talk of the past

Moving from bar to bar, memory to memory

And when the day was done

We retreated to your room - we kissed

Suddenly aware of being in the present

We paused then stopped, and stopped again

We looked long into each other's eyes

Retiring for the night with a smile


That day in a sleepy town far from home

I met a friend for the first time

A friend I will cherish with all of my heart

No matter what lies ahead of us

I look back with fondness to that time

And hope one day we may return



The End

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