Okay, I wrote this poem a while ago, I can't exactly remember what it was about... Feel free to interpret as you see fit! You could even make it about drugs or gay sex if you so desire! LOL

O life-giver whisper to me,
Tell me the secrets in your wake,
As I slumber.
Tell me the secrets in your slumber,
As I wake.
I watch you rest off the western shore,
Missing you close your eye,
Missing that time you fall to ground,
Something I simply abhor.
It's okay, you don't have to explain when you're away.
Too much responsibility,
That we won't let you undertake,
With one hand we ask "Why?",
With the other we silence,
We stop, we cease,
No answer is given,
And we clarify,
"Nothing's there, we were right all along."
Because we made it so,
Because you are us,
And we won't do what you need to.

The End

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