You are the reason that I'm still around..and you are the reason my feet never touch the ground..when I'm walking with you it just seems as though..we are two young lovers leaving a show..where we sat in the dark and watched only each other..and explored how far we could go, with the dark as our cover..it seems as if no time has passed..since our first kiss, and how I wished it would last..the years now stretch on, ahead and behind..but I still have you so I really don't mind..and some morning we'll wake up in bed, and just stay..and the rest of the world will have fallen away..but we'll still be safe in each other's grip..and we'll marvel at how we let the world slip..away from us while we thought of only each other..and we really won't care to even bother..to face the world because we both know..wherever we both are is where we must go...
The End

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