Inhospitable delicasies marred with impregnanted magisty lay golden celebit feilds Prairie. Fallen is the enemy failing to perry, a favourited Son of Nation she did marry, but a flag he did not carry, he a Martyr did not quarry.

Punget the words pundit end without-abundant eternal pretaining low stature moral, though with beauty as design of floral. Jaded concience scard, the enemy fit not the profile slain shall how a love remain?

Coquette, for fun out to get, men of dreams she did not set, though graspes of love to she did forfet. Quick wit of top merit hath split debt yet not omit the rewound cassette of life roulette per dragged cigrette her lips commit.

Sustainable indencenies mirriored virgin slaveries stand burnt slut Gullies risen is the hommie succeeding to folly. A hated daughter of hypocracy he made divorcee, a flag she did terry, she a coward did marry.   

The End

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