Timeless, that place

which defines our space

which harbors and holds all beings


Under the grey

a clanking machinery

turning hums to song

and life to be

just some odd, finite reason

we've lost that Golden Age

dipped in that serenity

the race has always been passion

or just listless existence


All we want to know

is if the needs are still there

carnivorous cravings

seven billion strong

and expanse so infinite

even light seems less than what it does


So I sit in those moonlight dances

under darkened fires

and crimson sparks, lingering smoke

all those ever so consuming drugs

just trying to meet ends

across burned bridges

and these apathy days

wishing, just once

that inertness tries motion

and the clanking shall continue

so it's at least something 

that doesn't spit shine the dirt

polish the stars


We have always been destined to lose it all

beyond the flickers

which empty the mind

and all these apologies

slowly catching up with me

so that they drain like ink

which, like everything else

fades in time


Freedom is as much as you can own

and life is only as much as you remember

these days are gone

faster than they've been brought

faith is just a luxury I can't afford

and even if it happened

I'd still wish I was bored

The End

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