You can count on your finger tips,

Those who entered your life,

Those who left, were for good

But everything isn't as good as it seems.


A closed mouth and bruised heart cry deeply,

Can't anyone understand the way to be?

Not much was asked for.

Not much given.

It's love that makes all the difference.


Perceiving things, issues and talks,

It's anyones job and a cake walk.

But, for a change, 

See from the eyes of another man!

Think from the mind of another being!

Breathe from the heart of a hurt soul!

And then, 

You sure shall reach your goal..


It's positiviy that makes one happy,

Suppressing and degrading aren't really a great deal.

It's encouragement and motivation that I want to feel.

With a strong heart and determined mind,

I move on.

Yet, a flitch remains, Coz' of your ego, I hope you hadn't gone...

The End

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