If the world stopped turning,
Would you walk with me
Through the wind ever present
Down to the sea
Where the children would play
Before the song
That stopped the Earth
Because it lasted too long?
We caused it after all.
We started the curse
Which was to save us all
But just made everything worse.
I didn't know this would happen!
I didn't know what this would cause!
I didn't know that this could kill
And make the world pause!
What mountain is there
That we can climb
To observe the world
Created by our crime.
But truly it is my fault;
I found the  tune,
And I played it with you
Much too soon.
Now only we
Can see what has begun
Because all else is frozen
And remains unmelted by the sun.
Perhaps this is why
It was locked up tight 
Away from thieves
Away from light.
The cursed song
That made us fall
And spelled  the doom
For us all.

Maybe this isn't so bad.
We got what we wanted:
We're free from all war.
 So now, my love, let us finish this
And settle our score. 

The End

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