i love poetry about love

Lips so silk, and soft... Divine
kiss me now, let yours be mine.

So many memories
all but the same
so many memories
they drive me insane

so many names
of people just the same
so many names
yet no people remain

Hands so sofet, and small... Fragile
hold them close, it's worth her while.

So many people
i knew all to well
none of which knew me
this i could tell

so many friends
no longer remain
so many friends
with all but a name

Body so perfect, and small... Divine
i will be yours, if you will be mine.

You are the one
a partner so charming
you are the one
it i quite alarming

so many families
never quite make it
so many families
have to just fake it

Life so sweet, and shy... Fragile
she has been mine, together a while.

The End

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