untitled 16

a struggle

Stopped in her tracks, eyes wide

Dark pools gripped with fear

Torrents of adrenaline raging

Through her veins and twisted body

Instinctively trying to break free

Her leg seized in a foothold trap


Seconds pass to agonising minutes,

To hours, how long will she wait?

Before the inevitability of death spares her

From these thoughts and fears

Tormented, she waits...she waits...

 Her futile attempts again and again    


Pain eventually replaced by a calming numb

A vacuum of feeling, temporarily

Until the realisation of her predicament

Comes crashing back into her mind

A final act of defiance she screams out

Her cries ignored as life continues around her


Resigned to her fate, she waits for the end

An air of contentment descends upon her

The climax of this eventuality approaching

She takes a final breath



The End

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