Sadly, I can't think of a title.. but it's simply trying to figure out how to love myself.

How do you love yourself
After tragedy has struck?

Normal isn’t the word here
I can’t see Normal anymore

How do I love myself
After this tragedy
Hit my body?

My legs look rough and beaten and taped
Reds, pinks, and beige,

In my eyes
when I see these photos

How can I learn
to truly love myself
After…. everything?


I can’t explain how this happened
No one knows that answer
No one knows
So don’t ask me what happened
Or if I was burned

This wasn’t the result of being in a fire
No one knows how I got sick
It was just one bad day
But luck was on my side

If you see me
Please just love me
as a Human being

These scars don’t define my personality.
I am still learning how to love myself

The End

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