I don't know how to describe this one, don't even know if it is really a poem. You decide and maybe suggest a title.

Ages – for ages I’ve written about pain

Pages – My pain is recorded in my pages

Dead – thoughts of dead always there

Head – recorded from my head to my pages

Room – my room has become my world

Gloom – the pain is gloom in my head in my room

Red – the nothing is red inside my head

Bed – on my bed the nothing, my head

Drink – a drink makes the gloom the nothing

Think – if I think, a drink, the pain, the gloom

Crazy – I think I’m crazy to think of dead

Hazy – crazy thoughts all hazy in my room, in my head

Lose – this hazy battle I think I’ll lose

Fuse – lose as my fuse burns away



The End

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