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I... Thought of you when I was about to hit the ground.

I... Remembered you and your cherry lips that smelled so profound. 

I... Wished I had the strength not to run these rings around.

But I was weak, and now...

I.. Was always without words when you looked at me

I... Couldn't say anything when you glanced at me

I... Always froze when you talked to me

Because you are beautiful...

I... Seen your face before the lights went out

I... Heard you panic and then dash about

I... Don't know what happened next

But its time I stopped holding it back.

I know you'll miss me

I know you'll cry

I know you'll ask the question...


If I knew the answer

If I knew the why

If I could tell you whats going on

You would cry and cry...

Now that its over

Now that its dark

I can say to you

Open your eyes, but don't see what I saw.

The End

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