Untitled - My Entry for the Spring2010 Poetry Tourney Round 2

This was my entry for the Alliteration round of the Spring 2010 Poetry Competition. The letter I had to use was "P". And yes, this was a blatant plea for points, hoping to win judges over by praising the protagonizers ;)

Protagonizing poets
Putting pen upon the page,
Printing poems pure and pretty
With their punctuation praised.

These phenomenal philogisticians,
Philosophising lexophiles;
Their work so good the reading,
Is a thrill quite physical.

Now if I've piqued your interest
I'll make a plethora of points,
Why this particular poem
Should get plenty of praise!

The alliteration isn't perfect
Though plentiful, you can perceive
Having pursued this plan with passion
This person prays you will be pleased

The End

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