Until This heart stops beatingMature

Dedicated to cassandramorrow, hope you enjoy :)

 My heart's broken, and there's nothing else to say. How long will my heart keep shattering like glass thrown against a wall? How long will the rain pour down on me? How long will you leave me here to burn before you realease me? Do you even care anymore?

 How long must my family suffer? How long will my prayers remain just empty, faded words? When will I finally be able to know real love? When will you be the friend you said you were? Are you even there anymore?

 How long will you let these people stone and mock me before you stop them? God why do you torture me like this? I thought you said you loved me. Was all I ever believed a lie? Was everything I ever proclaimed about you just my mouth moving with no meaning?

 Have I lost every bit of innocence I ever had? Why God? If you love me then why do I suffer like this? Why do you let me cry myself to sleep? Why do you let me tear myself apart?

 Now I know why, all these things... They're things I used think, all the time. But now you've drawn me so close you've burnt away every impurity on me there ever was. You didn't heal my heart, you gave me a new one.

  You aren't a friend, you're a father I never had. My suffering you have taken away, and until this heart stop beating I will tell others of how much you love them, and then I won't have to tell them because I'll see it for myself.

The End

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