Until Heaven

Cherubic cheeks

once pink and dimpled,

ashen and gaunt.

Where golden curls once hung

now hairless and pale,

cold to the touch.

Chubby toddler hands

hang lifeless on your doll.

Tiny little girl

once vibrant and gay,

now breathless, now lifeless -

victim of cancer,

tragic statistic.

Unbearable pain to mother,

unspeakable time for father,

never known by brother.

A life gone too soon.

Angelic child rest in peace.

We will learn to live without you . . .

until heaven.



(Written in memory of Marianne, age 4, Leukemia May 08)

For the first time ever, I have written without worrying about rhythm and rhyme, I just needed to express what I can only imagine her mother must be thinking and feeling after seeing the last photo of this beautiful little girl. Please no criticism, just read and be thankful for your healthy families. Mariannes death was so tragic, and so unbearable for everyone who knew her, I just felt the need to write In Memory or Marianne.



The End

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