Just a poem I wrote at like 2.00 this morning, lol. Deeeeeep :)

I was so young

I barely remember

If it actually happened

Did it?

Don’t tell me.


I don’t want to know

Don’t want to hear you say

Yea or Nay

That might just ruin my day


I hated you then

And dislike you now

I know I forgive you

God told me how


How did this happen?

I’m still not free

Of a memory

That lurks

In the soul of me


That festers and rots

But is more tangible now

Than ever it was

As a girl

But not free


Freedom’s my goal

My final destination

Travelling’s fine

But it’s just not for me


The road lies ahead

Untrodden so far

So bid me good luck

As I reach for that star.

The End

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