Every valley has an end. Every season passes.

Why did I stay in that storm?

Why did I cling to the sting

That poisoned my soul,

That took such a toll?


I was falling,

Falling blindly,

Down a well

That whispered

“You’re fine.”


And so I fell.

Fell from family

Fell from friends

Fell from the figure

God made me to fill.

I fell deep into the well,

Savoring the string of the storm,

While blind to the toll

Taken by that hole.


Then I hit the ground. Then

I found my rock bottom.

I saw how far I’d fallen,

How cold and dry I’d become,

Like leaves at the fall of autumn.


I echoed through my mistakes,

My soul screaming in fear,

Up the well, to the heavens,

For He who is to come near.


Falling is child’s play,

But climbing is work.

While falling where demons lurk,

They smirk where they lay,

But when I sought to diminish the distance

They rose in resistance,

Armed with every lie they’ve taught,

Fighting to force me down,

Fighting to see me drown.


Now                   the sun shines on my face.

Now                   I am free of the storm.

It’s warm.

The toll taken by that hole

Has been taken by the Christ killed for me.

Now                  I'm free.

The End

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