now baby, what we got can't be found
in too many places these days with
all these two timing players &
women that don't respect themselves

it only took a lil bit fer me to open up
& only a lil bit more fer you to gain
all my trust that i had in you, and then
the fireworks went off in my head

and suddenly i knew that this was
one of those life changing things,
the type of thing that you only see
in movies, cuz baby what we got is

something that's so rare that imma
cherish it forever & when i'm old
& gray i'll still remember these days,
the days you make my spine tingle

i still get chills when i'm around you
& i'm convinced that i still will in the
future, in the next 10 20 years cuz
baby what we got is some forever

loving & whatever may come between
us we'll get out the way cuz we make
each other stronger every day and
i'm so blessed by someone above

always thinking bout you and only 
you & hoping you do too & knowing
you do always puts a smile on my
face and i know that what we got

is never gunna change cuz hunny,
you give forever a meaning, before
it was just a word, overused at the
worst, but now that i met you i

don't see what i ever really seen 
in those others in the past, & i'm 
so glad they didn't last cuz now that
i have you, i'm happier than i've

ever been. & i know we'll have our
share of fights but it's something i
look forward to cuz i ain't got much
else to hold on to these days cept

you and your hair & when we're
together, we light it on fire & i
can't stop thinking that the 
possibilities are endless and yur

the only thing that makes sense
when my world is crashing down
and now that i'm with you, i'm thinkin
bout you every day and it's 

impossible to resist yur charm,
yur such a flirt, baby & you know
just what to say to make me feel
like the only girl in the world & 

i get sick of people talking shit, &
if they get hit, they deserve it, 
they don't know what we got,
don't know how long i've fought

to find the one that makes me laugh
when i don't even wanna smile &
at times, the future seems impossible
until i look at you. baby... we unstoppable.

The End

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