the electric currents from my wires
are spreading like a wildfire
right atop this linoleum floor
i dont remember what i came here for

hello nurse, sponge bath time?
oh no, the pleasure is all mine
time to take five more meds
if i escape they’ll call the feds

the beepbeepbeep of those strange machines
are taking a toll on my well being
the shrink came by my room today
to remind me again that im going insane

here i sit, toes all curled
no connection to the outside world
can hardly breathe, the air is dense
a little longer and i won’t make sense

i count the days, i count the hours
i count the droplets in all my showers
the colors are blurring with all of the light
it’s getting hard not to put up a fight

a few more moments in this bed
a few more shocks upon my head
a few more buckles, a few more straps
all in hopes that i don’t relapse

The End

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