Unresolved love

This poem was made during a previous relation where I had difficulty in telling him exactly how I felt about him. The last line was changed after he left me. So here's to love.

The days of old caused the pain,

The days of present cause the love,

The days of tomorrow will cause the worry.

An interesting person came out of the blue,

Together we talked and smiled and laughed,

Until the world disappeared from our vision,

Who would've thought he'd be my knight in shining armour?

The days without him pass without meaning,

The days with him pass too quickly,

Alas, my heart is not used to love, nor is my soul,

The days are filled with fun and joy,

But without my heart I sadden him so.

I wish to tell him how much I love him,

Like a normal person does,

Or even with my heart and soul,

Voicing to the world I wish I could say,

Everything's so dark and cold.

You're the one that brightens up my day,

Over and over and over again,

Until the day that you said goodbye.

The End

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