Unrequited Love

Everyone has that one time in their life where they infatuated with someone. After watching this display of common psychology, I decided to document my findings in a artistic form. I think it rings true, what's your say?

The host is bound by invisible chains 
Caring no longer for his own gains 
He'd give his all to be by her side 
Share all the secrets they have to hide 

Everyday watching her come and go 
Always trying his love to show 
Others tell him this will be his demise 
But he only ever dreams of her eyes 

Seems so hopeful but you were wrong 
Nothing could change her; poem or love song 
She broke him to pieces, without a care 
His emotions crushed, dust in the air 

A sad but true tale, no lies had been placed 
Thousands of stories, same problem faced 
All to the one with crystal blue eyes and hair of brown 
Who makes all her suitors cry, beg and frown.

The End

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