Unrequited calamity

Why do I still feel a sinking in my chest, feel so blue, when I see you?

Its been over a year, I've moved on, yet the pain is still true

Maybe its because you look so happy; your girl is a match

Meanwhile I struggle for bliss, faced with hurdles, unable to detach

From dependency on emotional support, from one unable to provide

I know not how to let her go, love myself, go without someone to confide

You are happy while I pretend, that happiness will inevitably surface

When the truth is Im going about it all wrong, unable to offer up my dependence, to be massacred within a furnace

I know feeling complete, being strong, is all a matter of mentality

How it's difficult to be tough, when your greatest obstacle is yourself, unable to see past this unrequited calamity

The End

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