Non rhyme, but still writing in a way that emotions matter more than form.

I am participating in unrequited love,
Taking the side of the one who loses.
While I am here breathing fire for her,
She talks like she owns a heart of stone.

If you looked through rose-tinted glasses,
Just like the ones I got on subscription,
You would see the way her eyes sparkle,
Gifting you smiles that send you wild.

If you listened to her sweet velvet voice,
There is no doubt you would be seduced,
Goosebumps appearing from nowhere.
It wouldn’t be hard to catch you off guard.

If you touched her hand sparks would fly,
Fingers would wrap around hers so tight,
Hum sad tunes because you dreamt so long,
And sweet melody would soon be a memory.

But remember this is an unrequited love,
My thoughts of perfection reek of fantasy,
Her stony heart will draw blood for another,
Yet as long as she’s there I’ll always care.

The End

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