Unprovoked Revenge

I'm basically exploring the idea that someone who suffered greatly in their past wants to hurt those who hurt them, but they can't. Instead, they project the faces of their tormentors onto the people around them until they truly believe that those people are the people they need to hurt. They act out their fantasy of finally standing up for themselves and hurting the abusers, so they carry out their delusions on the people they mentally transformed to play the roles.

I wear a cape 
woven from delusion 
I am the truth  
of broken illusions  

I warp the faces to align 
and break the faces to be mine 
I change my faces over time 
I wash my skin of blood and slime 

I hear monsters  
marching inside my head
My own creatures 
born from the river red 

I have the liars all confined
I have the whispers in my mind 
I only do as they command 
I cannot help what they demand 

I scream at fate
though I cannot choose it
I bury all
those who would abuse it 

I watch them fall into their graves
Those dirty fools all so depraved 
They prayed to god that they'd be saved 
but now their souls will be enslaved 

I have done good 
Now I can rest at last
They all are gone 
I have destroyed my past

The End

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