When no one seems to notice you sometimes

I am the girl that goes unnoticed I walk

past you in the hallway and you won't

look up and wonder "what her day was like"

or "is she okay and is life treating her right"

No, I just sit there wondering when

I will be noticed someday and will

I go somewhere someday and be

something special. Will I have my drea,

husband and two children like I always

dreamt of.

But no one knows what goes on in

my life. You don't know who used

and abused me and that it hurted

me inside, but still I keep it to myself

just going on like nothing happened

but deep inside I am being pushed

to the edge and I am slowly falling I just

can't go on like this anymore. I just

wish I can end it all in one flash and

not hurt anymore

The End

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