To Try

People going and stopping

Mostly stopping

Never long enough to smell the roses

Or any other flower


They're stripped of all self-awareness

Yet are too aware of their selves

I want to say so much but they won't let me


When it takes care to inform them

It's already too late

The neon signs have been turned on

and Lydia has been asleep for hours


But I keep on going

Never stopping

Trying so hard not to conform

Just to fail everyday


To try

To not

There's no difference in my case

I'm me either way


I'll always be me until I choke

On a piece of misinformation too large to swallow

I deal with it everyday

And it's nothing new


As they talk frantically into their phones

and someone exactly like them talks back

I shake my head



Too busy and uptight

Too self-absorbed

Oblivious to the fact that they're frowned upon

That they're the running joke


It's the name of the game

They're the reason

The reason our generation fails

A generation of failed reasons


Time is the only vehicle in this situation

We'll ride it through the river of sludge like we always do

Making sure to keep our mouths closed

and our eyes clamped shut


Justice has moved into the backseat

and it's waiting patiently

For the moment when Apathy takes it's eyes off the road

So he can wrap the garrote around his yellow neck


But for's going to be an unpaved road. 

The End

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