Un-named again

Looking at myself in your eyes,

I wonder where I went so wrong.

Was it my fault-

Something I did?

Forgive me, my love, for what ever it was.


You hate me- I see that now,

The anger boils inside you,

Just tell me this,

Was it me or you,

That caused this change to be.


You look up at me-

‘I’m sorry’ you say.


What have you done?

I suddenly think the worst.


‘Can you forgive me?’ you whisper, you plead,

‘For what?’ I felt like shouting.

Did you cheat?

Or something else?

‘No’ she says. ‘I’m pregnant.’


‘But this is brilliant’ I cried.

The gift of life.

But tears were running

Down her face.

‘I don’t want it, don’t love it. I cant’ she said.


Is that why you hate me?

You think it’s my fault?

You punish me,

Ignore me

For a miracle you don’t want.


If you cant love it,

Then I cant love you,

It’s a child, my sweet,

 It needs you.

‘I cant’ she cried, ‘I’m sorry.’


Then so am I,

For I cant stay

You’ve made you choice,

And you’ll loose us both,

Goodbye, my love, good bye.

The End

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