The walker, steps one foot, then two, followed by a third who's heals kiss the forths toe,

The minutes fade by from seconds to moments that are passing before the sorrows caught by a winter breeze,

Oh woe is the night the man screamed

Bemused by the scene the woman caught him by the sleeve, somewhat obscene, and kissed him so that his knees felt weakened by the act

It was tactful, not lacking

As time cast by a shadow caught the mans eye

Nigh it was not now but never before

The ticking of clocks, boastfully grinded gears until the morning Rooster called into the dawn

You are but bright, let us not end the night, we wish for it to continue without the suns blight

But nay the dawn hastefully gained its perch high in the sky, blanketed by the clouds to protect it from the winter chill

The man stood by the garden, life was leaving its scars on the worker, tolling its days on the hands but the children energized him encouragingly with requests to play in the cool sunlight from dusk till dawn

Whilst his wife, the woman, wove the family together through the tough treads of alcohol and the bitter sweet sense of sadness that wept through the creaky floorboards on sadistically chilling seasons. 

It was the moon that first gander the sun and asked to dance the lunar ways, for the solar system fleeted and winced, weaving together and divided by an earthen fiend, who now helps to divide the duo, never letting the sight forever behold the beauty of brevity. 

The End

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