Your face wanders lonely through my mind,

Crossing over my heart,

Leaving trails of scars.

Follow the path,

Once full of embrace,

But was soon left empty.

Forgotten memorys linger near,

Wishfully thinking,

A longing for love.


You escape the darkness built up by the past,

entering dimentions lost from my grip.

The sword from the stone,

Striking your absence,

Keeps me in glistening hope,

Awaiting your key to my future.


You erase my memories,

Battling through my persistance,

Shattering the determination I sustain.

Whilst I endure confusion,

Your moods shake my mind,

Lost thoughts cut short,

Stiffled by your soft words.


My passion to own you takes over,

As time runs out,

Obsession kicks in,

My emotions curve around your heart,

Aching to be heard.

A sharp knock and reality steps back into place,

You disappear,

Only to be stored in the void that shapes my soul.

The End

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