Setting aside our differences

I am asking for a truce

I am asking for a reality check

A journey to find the truth

I am held back with remorse

Guilt and hurt I can't forget 

I am held back with shame 

Of pains and sorrows that I regret

I am asking for your help right now

Cause I need to cross the line

But I need your forgiveness above all

To save up for the never lasting time

I regret letting the monster inside me be

And choosing wrong over right

But I am asking you to erase my sins

For within me is an everlasting fight

When I told you about your home

That might have cracks and stains of pain

When I told you about your light 

That will shine after the rain

Your body is your house

Protect it with every breath you've got

Your dignity is your light

Don't ever let its shine stop

Your kindness is the base of it

The glue thats holding it tight 

The bricks that built your wall

With enough tenderness and love to win every fight

When you give up and let it be 

It might be too late and everything might be gone

Risking a chance to be set free

Your body is the only thing you will always own 

The End

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