University.Dread.Mortal Fear.Hopefulness

:D Have been applying for early acceptance to a couple of universities, and the mounting pressure has caused me to step further and further into the darkness.

I begin my tale of woe,

It's dark. Well, not so dark as the lights fall upon the computer, a flicking mess of black.

The room is silent, in anticipation, as I slowly enter my marks one by one for universities to see

This is it; if I don't do well second term, it could mean NEVER attending university *except maybe an art one with my portfolio* eeeeeek

Parents glance over my shoulders, but I tell them to go away

This is starting to sound like an emo poem...maybe I should stop.

Look at yourself! Are you a failure? Do you want to give up? I guess I'll keep going.

And now I wait....maybe I'll get an email saying yes....maybe


The End

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