Let me tell you the shortest story
that someone once told me
'a man proclaimed "me?" and shook his head
proceeded to state "we?"
and with glee written all over his lips
he nodded'

For you see this man understood the true bliss that could be witnessed in humanity
we are strong with one voice
but stronger when bonded
as masses united we can fight the corruption
dethrone injustice to be rid of its clutches

As a team we can fulfill the dreams
perceived by the greats
Martin Luther King, Ghandii, John Lennon John F Kennedy
united we can plea to forsee a world without borders, war, disease, tyranny, poverty

What I wish to see in the world, I must change in myself, as one so wise once said
so before I proceed to round up the masses, I'll look in the mirror
until it can be no clearer
that one must start with loving oneself.

The End

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