My spoken word on why we should have uniforms in school.

❇ Look at the unity in the youth.

❇ Together facing forward, side by side, equals to equals.

❇ Marching together synchronized, one big unit in line.

❇ The same attire, same blues, and timeworn shoes .

❇ ¶

❇ You look at them like they're the same, just drones, fake things.

❇ As if they had no story just another empty book.

❇ No words, no mind, no passion, no soul?

❇ ¶

❇ Through the storms they march, in pain they hold strong.

❇ Covered in mud, cold from rain, but they look the same?

❇ Once neat and clean, yet they still sing the song.

❇ "At the stars we aim."

❇ ¶

❇ United in the front, same mindset, same overall goal.

❇ Working together, same interests, same dream.

❇ They're in the community, they're in the streets.

❇ You see them you know them, their the youth.

❇ Will you open your eyes and see the truth?

❇ ¶

❇ Same uniform because they have unity to present,

❇ look in their eyes, look at their smiles, they aren't the same.

❇ This is a test, let them begin their ascent.

❇ Individual with the same aim, where's the shame?

❇ Vigil on the future, no one can do it better.

❇ Take a good look, they're the youth let their achievements be the proof.

❇ No show offs and no fakes, let success define who are they.

❇ You laid down the foundation, let them raise the roof.

❇ Don't make them erase this or that let them find their own way.

❇ Now can't you see it? They have so much to say.

❇ ¶

❇ Don't look at the outside, it's who they are inside.

❇ It isn't a shirt, it isn't the dress, it's not some fake preside.

❇ Those aren't them, it's not them, let them be who they are!

❇ Don't let them keep their heads up; in front of them are stars.

❇ ¶

❇ Together looking forward, hand in hand, brothers and sisters.

The End

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