Unholy confessionsMature

A stressful weekend, a bad mistake, and 2 songs fueled this...

Come away with no regrets.

While I come away with the knowledge of what I've done.

And no matter how much hurt.

And laceration within.

That it brings to me.

I won't tell you.

I don't want you to hurt more than you already are.

I don't want you to feel responsible for the blood shed.

That's on my hands.

On my arms.

Maybe if we weren't so close.

It wouldn't hurt me to speak.

Maybe if I thought you wouldn't hate me if I told you the truth.

You'd know just how truly broken I am inside because of words and actions.

Maybe if I didn't feel such guilt over something that didn't matter in the end.

Then my heart wouldn't be the shattered piece of glass that it is.

I wish I didn't feel like I'd lose you over this.

But I know somewhere in my heart.

That if this, this unholy confession.

Were to come out of my soul.

I would find closure but...

You never would.

So no matter how truly fucked up I feel.

I'll save you the hurt.

Because you mean enough to me.

To hold in unimaginable pain.

And I'll hold all yours.

Because hey, the weight of the world.

Shouldn't be held on just one person's heart.



The End

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