Unforgettable Family

               Unforgettable Family


How we ended up this way
I can't remember
Memories Faded
Into some of the greatest
We’ve told each other everything
From the present
To our futures
And from our separate pasts


Secrets told in confidence

And kept by choice

Promises made,

Sworn to never be broken

With the most childish pinky swear


The best memories I have

Are filled with too loud laughter,

Tons of “that was so epic,”

Late Nights of music,

Daring each other to do stupid things

And photos,

That probably never should have been taken.


We are closer than I have ever been with anyone,

I can count on her,

Like she can on me

We listen,


Try and comfort

When things go wrong

And life seems dark and pointless

The sun always comes shining back around,

In less time than you would probably think possible.


I am proud to call her my Best Friend

My closest companion

My Bestie

And no matter how stupid I may be,

I am more than proud to call her

My unforgettable family,

My sister.



May 3, 2010

The End

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