City Girl and Trapped Mind

Just some poems I've written. I've never found titles that did them justice, so they will always be unfinished...

Today, I'm walking blind
In a city of sounds. Which one?
A cruel one, evernight. 

Slowly, or am I fast?
As a building whispers,
A worthless catch.
You are right, I would have said,
For this is the tale of 
A city girl and a trapped mind.
But I am blind,
In the middle of red lights
and raging cars.

Tomorrow, I shall be deaf,
In the street of blue nights.
Walking side by side
With a stranger I never found,
For there is no escape for 
A city girl and a trapped mind.

Perhaps the wind will howl its way
Between us. 
But I am deaf, and blind.
So could I even be alive enough to notice a small touch?

As little one cares about
A city girl and a trapped mind.

The End

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