She sits on a chair,

Looking out to the rain,

She looks and she stares,

But she does not see a thing,

The rain pours on down,

Thunder and lightning too,

It runs down the roof,

It falls into every shoe,

Still she sits,

Not without a care,

Not without a worry,

But all she can do is stare,

Her limbs are heavy,

Her heart is weak,

Although her mind is strong,

Her world is bleak,

She wishes to run,

Through all the storms,

She wishes to skip,

Past her frail young form,

Her mind is sound,

But her body is not,

It just won't respond,

So, she continues to rot,

She sits on her chair,

And looks out of her window,

She can do nothing but stare,

And watch her life flow,


The End

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