Unending Desire

An Unending Desire of the heart to be One with its True Love...

Noises innumerable are all around me

loneliness profound still surrounds me

comes in another breath so deep

leaves another gash of agony steep

makes my soul realise

love pays its own price

not every day is bright

not starry is every night

life though seemingly beautiful

is quite contrary to be truthful

seconds turn to days countless

hope is just a word,meaningless

doesn't soothe the twitching soul

awaiting to find "the complete whole"

patience too tends to vaporize

but distance doesn't,to my surprise

it grows like a creeper within

climbing walls of pain therein

tears flow out endlessly

senses work but senselessly

people around good or bad

all consider me equally mad

steps that are taken forward

never help me go onward

the life as if has come to a still

Existence is there because of His Will

better of though death does seem

His Love however helps me redeem

another whiff of life inside

ongoing saga of helplessness beside

asking when the day would come

merging of souls would when become

a reality of divine love disguise

not just a dream set in red eyes

the answers don't fall on my ears

reverberating loud and clear

guess this is how it's meant to be

His Love to be kept away from me

wish to be with Him always stays

hopelessly though but my heart prays

"Oh Lord of The Heavens so high,

please listen to this human cry

fulfill this Unending Desire

before shunned off is this attire

if not with Him this life is spent

clasped in His arms this life must end."


The End

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