unemployed minus 10Mature

desperation of bieng unemployed

The snow piles up outside

Like the jobs you have looked for, applied for,

 since your job was taken away a year ago.


You scoop the snow and throw it as far as you can

The new white, a new start,

Starting over is like a snow storm pinning you in, a hard cold surprise

Sliding down the roads of your life and battered career like an old rear two wheel drive chevy,

No traction

Starting all over again

Waiting for the wheels to gain some ground in the deep snow.

It’s your age you say

You are left in the drift

Over qualified

Under qualified

Just too damn old to hire.

Maybe a new invention where one can live on air

Looking into your wife’s eyes

She bet on you and lost

Hide the tears, say it will all work out

Like scooping snow, a shovel of bull shit to make her feel better

To make you feel better

You hope gone, as bare as the white drifts, cold, going on as far a you can see.

The End

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