Une Poeme Macabre

You’re walking down a dark alley when you turn around 
Because you think you just heard sound
But you cannot locate the source, perhaps it’s your imagination
You continue on your way to the station

But you keep getting the feeling,
Your sixth sense is tingling,
Maybe a stalker
Or a small-time robber
Or something worse, you don’t want to find out
But as you start to sprint, a hand covers your mouth

You try to scream, but it’s all in vain
Outside, there’s rain
You’re going to miss your train
But that’s not your main
concern, today might be the day you die
You give out a helpless little cry
He shows you no pity, he wants your life
As he reaches into his pocket for his knife,
You take a deep breath and let out a scream!
You wake up, it was all just a dream

Heart pounding, palms sweaty, the night is dewy
Maybe you should watch fewer scary movies
You can’t sleep, so you switch on the T.V to relax
That’s when you see the man at the window with an ax
On taking a closer look, you find that it’s actually a lass
The last thing you hear is the sound of breaking glass…


The End

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