You claim I’ve changed?

I’ve only become more confident.

Confident in myself, my abilities,

That you try to cut down,

Cut down with sneering remarks,

Snapping at my every comment,

Shirking my every attempt to love you.


I love you with all my heart.

Yet you claim I don’t love you?

That I don’t compliment you?

That is all I do.


You ignore me.

You listen only to them,

The other boys.


Their comments you take on board,

Their compliments make you smile.

Then you question my silence,

My apparent uncaring.


It’s not lack of caring.

Its restraint,

Restraint from making a mistake,

From doing something I’d regret.


But then I start to think.

What if I don’t regret it?

What if I walk out that door?

And feel nothing?


But this won’t happen.

I’m too scared.

Scared of a life without you,



Even if you are a bítch.

The End

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