It was when I stood there in the night,

Watching the madmen in the light,

The fire cast upon them shone,

In the demon's cackling tone.

And in their eyes I saw that fight,

And in their eyes I saw my home.


With waves crashing over my head and where,

My body screamed out for heat of the flare,

My mind relished the murderous cold.

Pain and Retribution for my atone.


They call to me 'come back, come back!'

And the shadows contort their form to black.

My breath escapes, the silver fingers of my heart

Grasp for freedom in the dark.

The light goes dim, is the fire out?

And in the distance, I hear them shout,

But the cold embraces and from within,

I feel the water's deep beckon me in.


I turn to face you - I see you weep,

And as I swim, I kick, I feel the deep,

It grabs me, holds me, beats me 'til

I hear it cry 'be still, be still!'

And a saline pain becomes my fill,

While the night - so stark- goes truly dark.


My clothes slack off, and from a slit

I see blue skin contort and twist,

I hack, I cough, and cast it out,

That vile salt and deathly clout.


The fire and its gaze call home to shore

Returning from the eternal black

I recognize your face once more -


You've brought me back.

The End

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